Yard Card FAQS

Q: Do you deliver to my area?
A: We deliver to the St. Louis county and St. Charles / county. Some areas may require delivery fee, call to confirm. Parts of St. Louis City and Illinois. Illinois will always have a delivery fee.

Q: When do you deliver?
A: At night starting at dark or in the morning. Make specific requests at time of ordering.
*Some areas only AM or daytime delivery is offered.

Q: Winter and Storm deliveries?
A: Winter policy: When weather is above freezing we adhere to normal practices. We do not deliver during snowfalls or threat of ice. Only daytime deliveries when refreezing ice may occur. Grass insulates the ground. When temps are below freezing for several days only daytime deliveries and Zoysia grass maybe required for us to set up.  Severe Storm policy: Thunder storms, high winds or threat of tornadoes may require delivery times to be adjusted.
Winter/Storm delivery pickups: We will call if your delivery/pick up time needs to be adjusted. When weather coming in is severe enough we may pick up your job before encroaching weather.

Q: What color are your letters?
A: All names and Unique says are in yellow with silver reflective accents. Numbers are in yellow, blue or pink. Themes and Happy Birthday are offered in different color options see photo gallery.

Q: How big are your letters?
A: Each letter is 2’ tall, characters vary in size.

Q: What are your signs made of?
A: They are PVC plastic corrugated construction. Will stand up to rain, snow and light ice.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards over the phone and cash on occasion. We process credit cards at our location through a secure national processing company. All credit card information is destroyed after card is run.

Q: What about our personal or payment information?
A: We never sell or share your personal or payment information. All payment information is destroyed after payment is made and/or cleared.

Q: When do I pay for the rental?
A: Pay at time of ordering unless other arrangements are made.

Q: How far in advance should I plan for my “Yard Card”?
A: First come first serve so the more lead time you give better chance to get the Yard Card you want.

Q: Does someone need to be home during delivery or pickup?
A: No one needs to be home. However, if gated community we will require access code.

Q. Can I mow or water my lawn while signs are out?
A: Watering is fine as they are constructed of plastic. However, please wait until signs are picked up before mowing as this could potentially damage the signs.

Q: I have a lawn service coming and my signs are still up, what do I do?
A: You are welcome to take them down before the lawn is mowed. Please neatly lay them on the front porch so we can pick them up without disturbing you or needing someone home.