About Us / Company Policies


Becky’s Yard Cards started in 2006. We’ve enjoyed making people happy over the past 18 years and look forward too many more years to come. Since we are one of the original Yard Card companies in the STL area we have learned how to best serve our customers. It is important for us to make sure your needs are met when surprising someone with a Yard Card! In addition, we will make sure you know what to expect upon delivery and pick up.

We love hearing your unique stories, meeting new friends and seeing your pictures.

Celebrate LARGE with a Yard Card in the yard. Yard card or Lawn Greetings for the ultimate surprise. Honor a friend, family member or loved one on their special day. We do all the hard work. All you have to do is place the order and your done the rest is on our shoulders.

Order a Yard Card today and spread some Joy!


  1. To reserve a Yard Card call or use our contact form.
  2. When calling if we are unable to answer leave a voicemail or text explaining your needs. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible.
  3. Pay by credit card over the phone or cash when prearranged arrangements are made.
  4. Winter policy: When weather is above freezing we adhere to normal practices. We do not deliver during snowfalls or threat of ice. Only daytime deliveries when refreezing ice may occur. Grass insulates the ground. When temps are below freezing for several days only daytime deliveries and Zoysia grass maybe required for us to set up.  Severe Storm policy: High winds or threat of tornadoes we will deliver and pick up around these events. All jobs out will be picked up before storm approaches.

Refund policy:

  1. Yard Card canceled within 24 hours of set up date/time will be refunded in full.
  2. Extreme weather conditions may prevent delivery. Generally, only ice storms or frozen ground keeps us from delivering.
  3. Other reasons are at the discretion of the owner.

When will refund be denied:

  1. When homeowner, business or security officer prevents us from delivering.
  2. Homeowner or business ask us so take it down before rental time has expired.
  3. Wrong address is given and homeowner or purchaser cannot be reached.
  4. Denied access to gated community.
  5. There is no grassy area available.

Safety issues and other policies:

For the safety of your children and animals, please DO NOT allow them to play on or around the Yard Card display. The Yard Cards are NOT Toys.

We encourage you to pose and take pictures of your celebration.

Please DO NOT attach balloons to the Yard Cards. We encourage our customers to have fun however, please respect that Yard Cards are rented and must last to give joy to the next customer.